Cross-Disciplinary Science Institute at Gettysburg College (X-SIG)

The Cross-Disciplinary Science Institute at Gettysburg College (X-SIG) was established to help our community of students be research ready, research active and research connected. The X-SIG oversees a set of initiatives designed to equip our students with the skills necessary for modern research, preparing them to integrate multiple disciplines in order to answer science’s most pressing questions. Specifically, the Cross Disciplinary Science Institute:

X-SIG was inaugurated in Fall 2012, with support from a grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute through their Precollege and Undergraduate Science Education program.

Current support for the X-SIG program is provided by:

  • Dickson Fund
  • Kolbe Fund
  • Albaugh Fund in Chemistry
  • Alberte Fund in Biology
  • Cormack and Schweizer Funds in Physics


Summer X-SIG Research Blogs

Notes from the Summer Gettysburg College-HHMI Research Fellowships

Chemistry Department at Gettysburg College

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program at Gettysburg College



Dr. Alaaldin Alkilany – The University of Jordan, Department of Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology

Dr. Kurt Andresen – Gettysburg College, Department of Physics

Dr. Peter Fong – Gettysburg College, Department of Biology

Dr. Gerardo Carfagno – Manhattan College, Department of Biology

News about the Lab:

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